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Byron TGI Friday Host’s I learned to beat my addiction and if you are willing I will teach you how you can too.

I entered my recovery journey in 2003. Since then I have studied human behavior – studied hundreds of individuals struggling to find the answer to cure their addiction.


I started Addiction Recovery to chronicle and document the lessons I have learned about why some people find success in their addiction recovery while others struggle endlessly and never seem to find the answer despite their good intentions.

My number one emphasis is focused and centered around relapse prevention and ultimately relapse elimination.

I am pleased to announce that after more than decade of working with hundreds of males and females while managing a 25 bed sober living facility in Tarzana California I can say with confidence I can teach anyone in a short few minutes exactly how relapse happens, why relapse happens and ultimately how to take ownership over the relapse using three simple steps – the following is a short form abbreviated description – I teach full and complete lessons at