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My Rehab – Setting Limits Part 1

How I learned to beat my addiction.

Please note – Disclaimer. I’m sharing my struggles and what I have found to be the solution to my struggles. This is what worked for me. You my not relate to my thoughts and opinions, that’s fine with me.

I entered my Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation journey in 2003, since then I have all but let go of my heavy emotional baggage.

It took a lot of work for me to figure out how to heal my deep emotional wounds.

Because being homeless was a traumatic experience I have since developed a never ending sense of urgency to continue finding ways to keep making improvements in my personal development and habits.

Every day without fail I self reflect and analyze my shortcoming and strengths.

Monitoring my progress or lack of progress has be the most useful habit  that I have today.

Yes, monitoring my behaviour is a habit.

In AA 12 Steps this is called daily inventory

Step 10 – Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it

Step 10 has been a key component in my quest to change the way I processing my thoughts and emotions.

Why Setting Boundaries are vital to me and my Addiction Recovery and Self Rehabilitation:

When I entered treatment for for my addiction my life was unmanageable.

I did not use a calender. My life was unmanageable.

Long story short – I let work become my life – there was zero separation between my work/career and my personal life.

This lack of establishing clear boundaries resulted in significant consequences.

Significant enough for me to require ‘Full Rehabilitation of my life.’

OK, are still with me?

The primary  reason I created and shared this lesson:

If you desire to take your addiction recovery to the next level – if you desire to fully rehabilitate yourself and your life this will require that you create a sense of priority (and urgency) with proactively managing your work to life, relationship, family, exercise (fill in any other) boundaries.

The average person who conically struggles with addiction and relapses usually haven’t fully grasped the concept of what it means to move from addiction recovery and over the long term 100% rehabilitate your self and your life.

Very important distinction – recovering from addiction is not the same as rehabilitating your self and life.

Approximately – individuals Recovery typically happens within the  12 month proceeding drug and alcohol addiction treatment completion and sober living graduation.

I’m using a of a five year minimum as a benchmark to gauge and assess my addiction rehabilitation.

In other words – from my decade of addiction treatment research… I’ve established that its will typically require a minimum of 5 years to fully rehabilitate and recondition a  human being from addicted to healed and rehabilitated.